Jayadvaita Swami


Jswami.info is the personal website of Jayadvaita Swami (Jay Israel). The website is his means to communicate about a varierity of spiritual news reagarding the BBT publication house, personal writings and other personal news.

Project Details

Website: www.jswami.info
Date: Dec ’13 – Mar 2014
Tasks: WordPress installation, export Drupal content, logo design, color scheming, SEO, responsiveness

The previous site was running on Drupal 6.x and due to the complexity of the software it was not updated for quite some time. My proposal was to export the content and move to a self-hosted WordPress. In the future that site will be moved to wordpress.com.

The content was exported using a online export/import service (cms2cms). This actually went quite smoothly. After importing the content into the new WordPress site we focussed on a new theme. Jayadvaita Swami wanted a similar layout as his previous site, but mobile friendly. A theme from StudioPress.com was used to recreate a similar design but with improvement on readability.

Website Images new & old